SG-1000 DNS Issues

  • When using DNS Resolver (unbound) or BIND, i've got a weird scenario. It works for a little time and then it stop working, then works again, then stop again…

    When using "DNS Query Forwarding" in DNS Resolver (unbound) this problem dont happen.

    My setup:

    Bridge MODEM -> SG1000 -> ASUS RT-AC3200
    SG1000: built on Sat Jun 10 11:37:40 CDT 2017

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    Understanding the difference between a forwarder and a resolver is step 1

    Step to what is low performance mean..  Did it take 30ms to resolve something vs 10ms to forward it?

  • Yep, mine dies constantly as well. Just happened about ten minutes ago. The whole thing slowed to a crawl (wouldn't resolve IPs, the WebGUI wouldn't open, SSH took forever to login) and when it caught up to itself the 1m load in top showed 19! I'm not doing much here, just downloading a few things from Usenet at 14 MB/sec.

    I wish I would have never bought this because it has been nothing but problems since day 1.

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    Is that not a chrome error.  Step 3 is understanding how to actually troubleshoot dns problems vs blaming your router on some error your browser is throwing you.

    Maybe your ISP intercepts dns - not unheard of, which yeah breaks resolvers.

  • i'm not blaming the hardware nor the software.

    i got servfail when testing with dig after sometime.

  • Are you using pppoe? I get that issue when the IP changes

  • @deadmalc:

    Are you using pppoe? I get that issue when the IP changes

    No, i'm not.

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