Partially working link between PfSense and Allied Telesis Router

  • Hi all,

    I've got a strange situation that is driving me crazy.

    On 3 different locations I've got AR4050S Firewalls (subnet like  and in Azure I've got a PfSense (subnet
    The IPSec tunnels come online, no problem and I can ping every local site from Azure.
    But I can't ping Azure from my local LAN's…

    It seems that routing is OK, even the IPSEC-tunnels are OK... else I wouldn't be able to ping my local LAN from Azure.

    I know that I needed to assign a IP-address to the tunnel of the AR4050... This is not the situation on the pfSense... there you can just use the WAN-IP addresses and state what subnet is to be found on the other side. Obviously that's not the way Allied works... so every time i try to ping Azure from my local, it gets stuck on that interface of the tunnel, and the packets don't get routed to Azure...

    Anyone an idea? a littl ray of light?

    Kindest regards,


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