IKEV2 VPN can't access LAN

  • My company has 2 pfsense firewall in the same network since specific reason.

    pfsense 1 ( )        pfsense 2  (
            |                                              |
        LAN (        CISCO Router (
            |                                              |
            |                                  Internet Accelerator (
            |                                              |
            |                                            LAN (

    pfsense 1 is for VPN (IPSEC/IKEv2) usage.

    When I connect VPN,

    I can use internet and access LAN devices with default gateway (pfsense 1).

    The problem is that I CANNOT access LAN devices which have default gateway (pfsense 2)

    Is there anyway to access LAN devices with DG ?

    (For Red devices, I have no right to access)

    Please help….

    PS. If I make IPv4 upstream gateway ( under LAN interface, I can access everything on the LAN.
    But the devices with GW, can't get internet (yellow ! mark on network icon).

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