SG-1000 performance

  • Hi All,

    I'm interested in purchasing an SG-1000 to be my home network L3 gateway.

    My uplink is capable of 1gb/s bi-di, I understand the Ethernet ports on this unit are capable of switching at 1gb/s, but will the firewall application run at this speed with other things switched on, like vpn, nat, dhcp, DPI etc?

    I know with other vendors that the more services you switch on, the less throughput you get. My network usage is substantially under 1gb/s I just want to know that if I run FTP or related I wont get my dl/ul throttled!

    Thanks in advance


  • Galactic Empire

    No, SG-1000 can do up to 200Mbps. If you want gigabit VPN I suggest SG-4860.

  • Will the SG-2220 handle Gigabit Bi-Di? I'm upgrading my Fios connection from 150 Mbps to ~980 Mbps and want to make sure I get something that can handle it (since my SG-1000 falls on it's face constantly, what a waste of money), but I don't need the switch ports that are available in higher models since I have a managed 16 port switch.

  • 200Mbps is optimistic IMO.  The most I've seen is between 100-150.  OpenVPN seems to do between 10-12Mbps, but that's without support for the crypto accelerator at the moment so will probably do better when 2.5 finally comes out.

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