Pfsence inaccesible

  • i have a problem in my server using pfsense.. i was working last night i close it same as before. then today i just open my virtualbox and my Pfsense was inaccessible.. can you help me on this. can you help me how to fixed this.

  • VirtualBox is saying the VDI is inaccessible?  Maybe someone here can help pitch in but that's a VirtualBox issue, not pfSense.  You could try to regenerate the UUID for the VDI file or create a new VM and attach it if the VM config is messed up but you'll need more than "inaccessible" as an error.  It may say something like "Parent UUID does not match" or a result code of E_FAIL (0x8004005) which will give you something to go on.  Again, though, those are VirtualBox error codes and would need to be brought up in their forums I would think.

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