• Hi there. Since I have 2X DSL WAN PPPoe connections and Pfsense only supports 1 X PPPoe WAN I thought I could deal with this by putting the modem in "IP PASS THROUGH" mode. When I connected my laptop directly to the modem and set the laptop (XP) to DHCP it got the correct WAN IP and GW and I had internet access. Assigning these values statically also worked.

    Connecting to pfsense (OPT1) unbridged however using DHCP = gets a private IP and GW (the modem) and I cannot ping through OPT1 (OPT1 fw rule allows all.) Setting to static with the correct static WAN IP and GW I can't do anything either. Also when I check the interface status it lists the modem as the GW not the GW IP I specified.

    Thanks for any help!

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