IPSEC with vCenter problem - Vmware cannot reconnect host after losing vpn ipsec

  • Hi members,

    I want to report a very strange situation regarding my IPSec tunnels.
    I have for a few years a IPSEC tunnel from two SonicWall NSA240, never a problem.
    If the connection was lost everything reconnects etc also vcenter reconnects the host immediatly.

    Now I have changed my SonicWall by pfsense.
    Everything seems to work great, the IPSEC tunnels are up and runs fast.

    Execpt for one issue:
    When a IPsec Tunnel is lost, the vcenter does not reconnect the host anymore on the other side.
    The only way to got the host up and running again is to restart vCenter.
    Everything else works great, RDP, ping, shares and you name it.

    Some help would greatly appreciated.

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