Getting error while installing squid package

  • Dear Team,

    I am trying to install squid and squid guard package nut i am not able to install it rather i am getting the below mentioned error messages.

    Installing pfSense-pkg-squid…
    Updating pfSense-core repository catalogue...
    pfSense-core repository is up to date.
    Updating pfSense repository catalogue...
    pfSense repository is up to date.
    All repositories are up to date.
    Checking integrity... done (0 conflicting)
    The following 7 package(s) will be affected (of 0 checked):

    New packages to be INSTALLED:
        pfSense-pkg-squid: 0.4.37 [pfSense]
        squidclamav: 6.16 [pfSense]
        c-icap: 0.4.4,2 [pfSense]
        squid_radius_auth: 1.10 [pfSense]
        squid: 3.5.26 [pfSense]
        c-icap-modules: 0.4.5 [pfSense]
        clamav: 0.99.2_3 [pfSense]

    Number of packages to be installed: 7

    The process will require 14 MiB more space.
    [1/7] Installing c-icap-0.4.4,2…
    ===> Creating groups.
    Using existing group 'c_icap'.
    ===> Creating users
    Creating user 'c_icap' with uid '959'.
    pwd_mkdb: root gid is incorrect
    pwd_mkdb: at line #1
    pwd_mkdb: /etc/master.passwd: Inappropriate file type or format
    pw: passwd file update: No error: 0
    pkg: PRE-INSTALL script failed

    Can you share me the remedy to this issue.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Looks like your filesystem is corrupted, at least the password/user database files.

    Backup the config, reinstall with a current version, then restore and try again. If you're running from SD card, replace the SD card while you're at it. Those don't last forever. If it's an mSATA then you probably just need to reinstall.

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