Supermicro AOC-SGP-I2

  • Dear all,

    Received yesterday the new Supermicro AOC-SGP-I2 network card with two ports (i350).
    The backside had some sticky gluey areas.

    However, I built in the card into a test-system with pfSense 2.3.4 (SSD, 16GB, i7-3770).


    • I made internet speed tests with one port or with LACP over two ports (via SG300-10) (I have 1GBit/s internet)
    • Above 200 MBit/s the network card started "whining", "chirping" and with increasing download speed the main frequency of the "chirp" sound increased, too…


    • Has anybody made a similar experience with a server grade network card ?
    • If yes, is this
      a) normal ?
      b) not normal, no issue ?
      c) not normal and a potential issue (card will die) ?

    I have a couple of other network cards, not sure if I ever heard this (loud) chirp.

    Many thanks !

    Best chulio.

  • i'd sent it back and ask for a replacement

  • Hi heper,

    Thanks a lot for your quick help !

    Is this a sign, the network card may be faulty (or may soon fail)  :-[ ?

    In the country where I live it's pretty difficult to ask for a replacement if the product "works" and just makes a "sound", i.e. consumer rights are pretty zero (by law) … except if the supplier is willing to replace it (probability close to zero).

    So I'm trying to collect expert opinions :) to at least try to convince the supplier to replace it,
    or I can "hope" the network card fails within the 2 years of warranty (by law) and then get a replacement...

    Many thanks !

    Best chulio.

  • I have no clue if it will fail or not, but a nic shouldnt make noise.

    High frequency pitch sounds might indicate failing capacitors, but it could be other things like coil whine…

  • was it getting excessively hot? maybe look into adding heat spreaders or a fan, that's what i thought about when you said it was gooey. or if you are discouraged enough from the card now, see if you can return it and you may try getting an intel card off ebay that are cheaper and have heatsinks already.

  • Dear all,

    Thanks a lot for your replies.

    In the meantime I found the bug… it seems all HP Enterprise PCs (I'm using at home) make a strange (weak) noise as soon as ethernet cards are built in and transferring data.

    For testing I used various 1 to 4 port ethernet cards (I210-T1, I350-T2, I350-T4 variants) as well as the onboard NIC (Intel 82579LM). Whatever combination was used, there was a similar behaviour.
    So I did the same with a second HP Enterprise PC, same story.

    My conclusion for the moment is, that it seems normal for those HP PCs as none failed yet and that my ears are sensitive to this kind of weak noise ... by the way, the noise was much weaker than a typical whining dammaged chinese transformator (which you can hear from far).

    Well I really hope my hypothesis will hold for a loooong while  ;)

    Cheers chulio.

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