PfSense reports latest base system 2.3.3_1 (should be 2.3.4)

  • pfSense is running 2.3.2_1 and reports latest base system 2.3.3_1, but it's really 2.3.4 at the moment (see attached image).

    Have done "pkg update" in a shell but 2.3.4 still doesn't appear as the latest.

    Is it necessary to update to 2.3.4 in more than one update step?

  • Solved it a few minutes after making my post (typically!)

    Did "13) Update from console" in a shell and pkg and repositories were updated, and now the 2.3.4 appears in the GUI.

  • Have the same problem. Your solution didn't help to me. Any ideas?

    UPD: Solved using this post

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