Looking for (up-to-date) Hardware with PoE

  • Hello,

    I'm looking for some pre-build hardware along the line of a SG-2440 BUT with PoE (power over ethernet) for powering the device. Note: I do not necessarily require the device to power other devices over PoE but I want to power the device itself using PoE. I just don't want to have yet-another adapter laying around. I know that some older Alix boxes hat PoE but the new one seem to be lacking this function and the old one just don't have enough cpu/mem. Same for all SG models I found.
    I'd be open to building a device myself but I really want a decent looking housing for it. If there's nothing "out of the shelf" are you aware of any "build it your own" shops where you can select out of some components and they'll pack it into a nice, ETX/XTX housing or something like that for you?
    The device will be placed in a visible spot of my home and I just don't want X cables running to an ugly brick. Yeh, I know I'm superficial….


    • along the SG-2440 or SG-2220 specs
    • atleast 3 ports, 4 would be better
    • PoE powered
    • decent housing
    • passiv cooling
    • ideally: no WIFI (and thus no wifi antennas)

    BTW: anyone knows why all the SGs don't have PoE? It seems like a obvious feature to add for most smb places. And they EXPLICITLY state that the SG's don't have PoE, like if every day someone would be asking for it (if that's the case: well that's my point. why isn't it in yet if there's demand?)

  • Most x64 platforms you listed would draw too much power for 802.11AF with 15W max@48V..
    A majority of POE gear today is AF.
    802.11AT allows more power and bumps up to 30W@56V. So maybe you could work with that.
    I have see LCD monitors powered over it.

    I am using some RaspPi2 with a POE extractor>board and it works good.

  • Here is a Linksys SRW2008MP with 3 Arm boards attached via ebay POE splitters with 5V MiniUSB.
    Port1=BBB Port2=RPi2 Port3=RPi3
    Port 2 is eating more power due to an attached HDMI cable.

    I might try out a Jetway PicoITX to see if it will boot. I need to scrounge up a 12V POE splitter..

  • Creeping up to something bigger. I only have a Mivnnowboard Turbot that is 5V. Added to Port 4.
    No 12V POE adapters. I need to dig more.
    So Turbot only adds 6W to my load and I am under 10 percent of the total allowed with 4 boards.

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