PFsense VM to run as a firewall for mutipal VM'S

  • Hey all!
    Im not sure if its possible but id like to ask if anyone knows how too.

    Id like to use PF sense as a VM as firewall for central management rather then the router in this case,
    its set up currently with a "internal lan network switch" id like it so the other Vm's see DHPC address on diffrent range of IP's -is that possible?
    Any help would be very much appreciated.
    Im new to this.
    Ive done a simple drawing if that helps.

    currenlty i cant access the web interface. but its set up correct
    ![network setup.jpg](/public/imported_attachments/1/network setup.jpg)
    ![network setup.jpg_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/network setup.jpg_thumb)

  • Is Nic 2 configured as a virtual switch with public access? Does pfsense have that as a virtual nic?  DHCP on wan?  You would need another interface as internal attached to pfsense and VM's

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    This kind of setup works exceedingly well on vmware vsphere/esxi but last time i tried it on one of our hyperv servers it had strange issues and i scraped the idea and just plugged the hyperv host into a nic on the vmware box that was switched into the lan side of the virtualized pfsense on the vmware box.

  • Just mentioning, those struggling with Citrix XenServer, don't waste your time. I've tried every trick in the book for about 4 months, still pfSense would perform bad compared to other solutions.

    My suggestion is, like MasterX-BKC, go for VMWare for virtualized instances of pfSense. The downside is that VMWare doesn't support migrations and backup solutions out of the box in the free version. Multiple 3rd party plugin backup alternatives are available for a lot less cost than buying a VMWare license.

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