Assessing the X33

  • Not having a clear understanding of the hardware requirements of pfSense (or, even, that pfSense was a better alternative than Ubuntu), I bought a Hystou N3050 dual-core miniPC with 4GB RAM, a 32GB SSD, wireless with external antennae, and dual gigabit ethernet. In May it cost me CAD$199.95 (USD$148.68).

    If I were to buy again, I think I would scale down. Shopping around I've found the X33:

    • 4x gigabit ethernet
    • no wifi
    • quad-core Celeron
    • 2G RAM and 16G SSD makes it cost USD$121.82 total, but this is configurable
    • specifically mentions pfSense suitability

    Price from here:

    My questions are:

    • Has anyone tried and used this successfully?
    • Can this handle a load where all four interfaces are saturated?
    • Are there any problems (heat, stability, compatibility, etc.)?
    • Are there better or cheaper alternatives if you only need 2x gigabit ethernet?
    • Is it OK (authorized) for the vendor to call it a "pfSense firewall"?

  • Reading , I'm concerned as to whether that vendor is using the pfSense name in a legitimate manner. Though I suppose that's a separable concern from whether the hardware itself is good.

  • Galactic Empire

    A lot of sellers on Aliexpress, eBay and Amazon call their stuff "pfSense firewall" without our permission. A lot of them preload pfSense, which is also against our policies. Including Qotom and their Protectli reseller.

    • Is it OK (authorized) for the vendor to call it a "pfSense firewall"?

    Not OK.

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