CARP Causing Speed Degradation

  • I've inherited a pFsense (now on 2.3.4, but was on 2.3.2) that had CARP configured, but the adjacent Node has been removed. The lone pFsense, still with CARP configured, is only getting about 50% of my subscribed speeds. No Traffic Shaping currently. I setup a tower as a temporary pFsense to verify if issue with current configuration or NIC issue; and confirmed on a fresh setup, that I can get my subscribed speeds.

    I've restored a backup of my production pfsense onto the temporary tower, with all the CARP settings, and noted the same speed issue.

    If I temporarily disable CARP, I lose Network access (even though DHCP Gateway is using the LAN Interface IP and not the CARP IP). How can I remove CARP safely?

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