Zotac C1325 stable with Pfsense?

  • Are there any issues with the Zotac C1325? I read about some issues with the older revision but I do not see anything on the new model. I believe it supports AES and so should run Pfsense 2.5 when it is released.
    The version I am looking at is this one:
    ZOTAC ZBOX CI325 Nano Fanless Mini PC Intel N3160 CPU Intel HD Graphics 4GB Memory 32GB SSD


  • It seems fine for SOHO use, but it starts to throw some errors under heavy load; probably due to the Realtek NICs.

  • Are there any other mini pcs with AES that I should be considering? A lot of the mini pcs people are referencing on the forum do not support AES and I want this upgrade to bring me beyond pfsense 2.5.
    Power consumption is something I want to take advantage of as my current cpu in my shuttle small form is a 75w TDP and the Zotac is less than 10w.

  • Qotom makes an i3 that uses Intel Nics.  I believe it's the 330G4 model.  Another option is to put something together from PCEngines.  And of course, there are the ready-to-go Netgate models.

  • Well looking online I am now thinking that maybe an i3 Skylake with a micro atx case plus board and memory would work also. Seems it would cost a little less than $300 and it would allow me to still use my intel 4 port nic and have room to expand if needed.

  • Just to update, I went with a Skylake Celeron, 2 4gig sticks of DDR4, mini itx MSI Intel Skylake H110 motherboard and the Fractal Design NODE-202 case. I decided that for the slightly higher TDP on this setup was worth the sacricie tomake it more future proof and the machine would even be capable of gaming if I popped in a graphics card if I moved Pfsense to a different platform.
    I went with this case because I can use the expansion slot on the case to re-use my intel 4 port nic.


  • Banned

    Consider fitlet-XA10-LAN

    I've been using it for almost a year now. Uptime is about 300 days. I recommended it to a friend recently who bought it for pfSense too. He has 360 Mbps on his Internet connection and is getting full throughput. I tested it with iPerf and got 700 Mbps in both directions LAN to WAN with firewall and NAT enabled. I got about 160 Mbps of IPSec throughput in both directions testing with iPerf. It supports AES-NI.

    If you buy it, read my post on this site on how to tune the hardware and firmware. Without tuning, the throughput will be less than 200 Mbps.

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