How Can I change The Default Value of Queuse….....

  • Hi. Plz try to answer those question. It will help me a lot. Its very Important for me.

    My First Question IS… What is The Specific meaning of these Queues. Cause I need to change Default Value for my Web traffic. So please help me....

    qWandef =
    qLandef =

    qWanacks =
    qLanacks =

    qOthersUpH =
    qOthersDownH =

    qOthersUpL =
    qOthersDownL =

    I just need to increase my web traffic speed than all other traffic...

    So today I changed my qWandef queues value 25% to 50% and it was working great. But problem was when i shutdown my Pfsense Box My PFsense box couldnt login on net again and sending me This Error Message " Your One of Child Queues Bandwidth Is Higher Than The Parent Queues "

    So I am back again on my Default Traffic Shaper Filter Value.

    So how can i put the correct value for my queues.....

    I just need to increase my web traffic value....

    For your Information I am putting my Current Traffic Shaper Queues Value Pic....

    I wish and hope some one can help me. Please i will wait for answer.....

    Thank You all.....

  • Create Shaper rule
    src any
    dest any post 80

    via this is hi-priority queues
    qOthersUpH / qOthersDownH

  • plz dont mind.

    can u clear little what rules i should put. or what value i should put for qOthersUpH/qUthersDownH.

    Or I just need to go On queues and put High priority 7 on  qOthersUpH/qUthersDownH Queues.

    Please i am not sure what to do. So brother try to help me little.

    Take care and ba bye….............

  • I understand that you want to increase the priority of your www traffic?
    You already have hi-priority queues - qOthersUpH / qOthersDownH
    And, the simple way - define www traffic (80 dest port) to this queues.

    LAN->WAN|TCP|||Port: 80 (HTTP)|qOthersUpH/qOthersDownH|web HTTP

    But this rule must be moved up to DNS rules before other (after dns for example)
    And for reset you Shaper settings to default - use ' EZ Shaper wizard '

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