Won't boot after an unclean shutdown

  • Hi all,

    Just testing out pfSense on ESXi.  One thing that I have noticed is that if the system is given a hard reset or an improper shutdown it will always fail to boot again and pfSense will require a new installation.

    Given that it is running in a VM I have the luxury of taking a backup.  But I'm curious as to how the system can be so sensitive to an improper shutdown.  I don't think I've ever seen anything like this.

    Is it possible that there is some sort of setting which is required when running pfSense on ESXi?  I appreciate any feedback.


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    I have a dozen or so pfSense VMs on an ESX box for a lab setup and I yank the power from it all the time (it doesn't have a battery backup). I've never had to do anything special to get them to recover on that one. Or any other ESX box I've seen running pfSense.

  • I can tell you that this is definitely not the case and I am running on high quality hardware.

    Maybe it's because I am using a think provisioned disk. Will research it a bit more.

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    I also use thin provisioned disks.

    Something is definitely different in your environment causing it. I wouldn't be so confident in your hardware.

  • Not sure abou VMware but virtual machines running pfsense (I use Hyper-V) and I have never had an issue so would agree with jimp.

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