Can I purchase a SG-1000 for use in Europe (220V, 50 hz) ?

  • Hello. I want to use a SG-1000 microfirewall router in my home, configured as a router serving two or three separate VLAN (main, guest with VLAN tag 1003, IoT) with firewall on. FWIW I use a Mac and Airport Extreme and Time Capsule Wifi access points. I live in France where, unlike the US, electricity is delivered in 220 Volts at 50 cycles/second. Can I buy a SG-1000 router fit for that environment from <https:"" products="">? Otherwise, do you have a recommendation for me ? TIA</https:>

  • Galactic Empire

    Yes, when ordering specify what type of plug you need. You can also order the SG-1000 from one of our partners, if you live in EU.

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