PfSense on DELL Vostro 200

  • Hi Guys,

    I'm new in pfSense, I read the site and looks promising… I would love to try it but my box is on production the IDE-HD and I have read a lot on this forum that it's not working on SATA-II HD (my avilable box) is this true?

    Anybody tried installing SATA-II HD on pfSence 1.2 full version?

    Specs of my box:
    DELL Vostro 200
    SATA II 160GB HD
    2GB of memory

    Hope to hear from you soon...

  • Hi Guys,

    I have tried installing the pfSense on Vostro 200 and I got this error…

    sio0: type 8250 or not responding

    It's frozen on this line…

    Any ideas?

  • Have you tried disabling the serial ports in the BIOS (assuming you're not running embedded)?

  • I didn't see any serial in the BIOS… Which part should I go to disable it?

    Sorry I know this is stupid question... ;D ;D ;D

  • Guys,

    I can't disable the serial my HD won't work if I disable the firewall…

    Is there's a way to install the pfSense manually? I have FreeBSD 7 on my Vostro 200 now...

  • I tried 1.3RC2… I'm successful on the installation... Thanks :D

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