Pfsense behind pfsense?

  • Hi,

    I have the following setup:

    Internet –- > pfSense-01 ---> LAN ( run Internal DHCP) ---> unmanged-switch-01 ---> pfSense-02 (WAN:, LAN: run internal DHCP) --> git-web-server (


    I can't ping or access to the git-web-server ( from the local workstation in pfSense-01-LAN-subnet (i.e.
    I've tried the NAT and Static Routes on pfSense-01 but it doesn't work. However, the git-web-server access ping to internet or pfSense-01-LAN-subnet.
    The idea is that I like to build a git-web-server that assigns an IP address by another pfSense box (pfSense-002) stays behind the main pfSense box (pfSense-001) within same pfSense-001-LAN interface.
    I think I've messed up with the routing. Please advise how should I tackle this?

  • It would be simpler if you put subnet on an opt1 interface in pfSense-01. No need for pfSense-02 in this case.

  • Your pfSense-01 does not know nothing about 192.168.100/24 network.
    Add a static route to that network with gateway pointing to pfSense-02, make sure you add rules on pfsense-02 on WAN interface permitting access from WAN network to LAN network/host/s.

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