Has unbound changed on pfsense 2.4.0 (Arm)? - DNS setup on SG-1000

  • I'm not sure if I'm (still) confused or if something is 'broken'.

    I use PFS at home (2.3.4) and it is working as expected. I use the SG-1000 when I travel, in an attempt to connect back home.

    This is still very much in the trial/setup stage, as not all hotels have wired connections, and there is too much 'variety' between providers. This prevents me getting any kind of connection at times.

    I am now trying at home (double NAT, I know), but I can see that the SG-1000 is not getting any DNS information.

    My understanding was that it is appropriate to use unbound as DNS Resolver, with no need to populate DNS servers on General Setup or elsewhere? At least this is how my home setup is working - the Dashboard displays DNS server and "the internet works".

    On the SG-1000 (2.4.0 beta (Arm)), I acquire a WAN address (in my home LAN range), I can ping the gateway and also an internet public IP, but there is no working DNS lookup. When I add an external DNS server on General Setup (and unbound as Forwarder) this all seems to work correctly.

    If anyone can enlighten me as to the cause/solution, it would be much appreciated.

  • @kpa helped answer part of my question with this post (https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=132910.0)

    So to re-phrase: If the pfsense is behind another router/private network, will this prevent (or significantly delay) unbound from working?

    I have considered that it could be the Firewall rules on the higher-level pfsense, and permitted all access. However this still didn't fix the problem.

    To clarify the initial post:

    pfsenseA (LAN)/ (WAN) cannot resolve DNS
    pfsenseB (LAN)/PPPoE with static Public IP (WAN) resolves DNS correctly (with same setup as 'A').

    (The only obvious difference is that 'A' is running 2.4.0 on lower powered hardware)

    Many thanks.

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