New Install with new hardware question

  • Hi all,
    so I just built a mini-pc with an MSI ITX H110 LGA 1151 with a Celeron G3900. I had some issues with the machine not booting from the USB drive and ended up putting the drive into my old setup, running the setup and then after the install was complete I swapped the drive back to the new system.
    So I have two questions.
    1. By running the setup on the old machine and then swapping it to the new machine after the install completes, will it have any effect? I know Windows does not always like this process as it tailors the install for the hardware present.
    2. I restored the config from my old setup and it all seems to be working, is this ok to do? Or should I set up the new system from scratch?

    The old system was an i3 530, about 7 years old.

  • No opinions at all??

  • UNIX is not Windows. Assuming the source and target processors are the same architecture both x64, there should be no problems with PF. I would probably try to figure out why the mini-pc won't boot
    from USB, but that's just me.

  • I actually did end up getting the mini-pc to boot from the USB drive after updating it's BIOS. I suppose now I am just wondering if it is worth doing a full fresh install and if I did do a fresh install, would restoring the config from the old machine be acceptable (a fresh install would need OpenVPN setup again).

  • For me, I would do the fresh install and restore the old config. Remember, the config is PF settings in xml format and really nothing to do with the OS, other than interface names and a few other things which in your case are the same because it's the same hardware, right?

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