High CPU?

  • Hi,
    I was wondering if someone else has had the issue of high CPU as the packages im using are pretty basic as i have a few other pfSense boxes same config never goes up more then 10 percent of CPU, check with TOP but did not see nothing odd

    see pictures

    Thank you

  • Without more information, it looks like you sitting on the web page is consuming a bunch of CPU with PHP and HTTPD eating a lot of CPU time relative to the rest. The act of measuring is changing the results. Did you run top at the same time as sitting on the dashboard? You'll have to make sure they're both in tabs that are forward because new browsers like to rate limit background tabs.

  • Thanks for the reply, as i first went to the dashboard saw that then closed it and ran top, the packages:

    openVPN export

    I think this happened because i had to restore one of the config from the 17 of june ever since that the CPU was high,
    Ofcourse it does not effect anything but really does get me curious worst case scenario  ill format

    Thank you

  • That's all interrupts according to the graph. What NIC do you have?

  • Thanks for the reply, now as i was looking at the graphs pretty much screwed it was on Thursday that i added a new nic another TPlink boxed but on the mac vendor i checked it was Micro-Star INTL CO  could that be the reason? the interrupt could be the cause of the NIC?

    Thank you

  • I'm not familiar with the FreeBSD device names, but the EHCI interrupt that is consuming all that CPU is bringing back hits about USB controllers.

  • Thanks for the reply, its very odd that it recognizes as USB controller the mac that is registered on pfSense of that NIC is

    it was a tplink box and within was the PCI express, i guess the question is should i leave it as it as the NIC only purpose is to separate the WAN IP from the EMAIL Server IP meaning that users navigate on another NIC while the email server static IP is on the NIC d8:cb:8a:59:29:8e.  So far i have not had any users complain. Or would there be possibility to modify the config?

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