IPSec or Openvpn client PFsense (3g Dongle mobile) to PFSense IPSEC/O (Fixed IP)

  • Hi All

    Not had to post for years but here goes hope someone can help.

    I have just configured a new Pfsense with a mobile broadband dongle ( i have internet access etc).

    I need to  put a pfsense box in my campervan running on the 3g/4g dongle and connect to my PFsense box at home via ipsec/openvpn. Is this possible?

    I have tried configuring ipsec  mobile support  on the home box, and the phase 1/2 on the dongle pfsense box, i get server not responding in the logs. (I do have other site-site (fixed IP) IPSec connections running at the home box).  I also tried configuring my Iphone and this gets server not responding too. - Am i missing something simple??

    Is there a way to use openvpn as i have these on the home box, but i cant see anywhere on the dongle box to configure a client connection for openvpn.

    any help would be greatly appreciated, ive been pulling my hair out for hours now >:( >:(


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