DhCP and VPN Tunnel

  • I have 2 sites with Pfsense boxes as gateways.

    LAN1 –-  PFSense1 --- Internet --- PFSense2 --- LAN2
                            ______ VPN ________/

    LAN1 has a few hundred VoIP phones.
    They are trying to DHCP against PFSense1

    On LAN2 I have a VoIP gateway with a DHCP server.

    I have DHCRelay relaying DHCP requests to the DHCP server on LAN2 across the VPN tunnel. It WAS working.  Without any odd routes set on PFSense1.
    It stopped yesterday.

    What I noticed when it stopped was that the stated for the DHCP traffic are no longer appearing in the state table of PFSense2.
    I have read the articles in the forum on this. They recommended a static route on PFSense1.  I have added that and now I see the states onPFSense2 showing the traffic transiting both interfaces to get to the DHCP server on LAN2.  But I do not see any reply.  and the DHCP server logs do not show the traffic ever arriving.  This LAN is off site and would take a good deal of effort and time to get any type of packet capture from.

    I am collecting TCPdump DHCP traffic from the interfaces later this morning..  so that may shed light. 
    Does anyone see anything I am missing?


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