Loadbalance between 2 clusteret pfsense boxes

  • Hi

    I ame not sure if this is posible, i have the following situation:

    firewall1 (.250 wan / lan / dmz ) –
    ISP Router  --Virtual IP (.201) <                                            > switch ----- server pool
    firewall2 (.251 wan / lan / dmz) --

    the two firewalls are clusteret over CARP so firewall1 is the master and firewall2 the backup, this woks perfect.

    but now the server behind the firewalls becomes more and more traffic, now i would like to made a ladbalancing of the firewall's.
    the problem is that one firewall is to less for the sessions who come to the serverpool.
    at the moment i have more than 300'000 sessions in a peek time.

    Greetings GaXy

  • no one like to loadbalance the firewalls too ?
    only loadbalance the servers behind?

  • CARP supports active/active setup, but pfsense doesn't (at least not out of the box).
    If you want such advanced configuration i would advise you to study CARP and fix pfsense to be in active active (switches are important too in this case). If you do it, post a detailed description on how you did it, so others can follow.

    The easier option would be just to upgrade hardware of your firewalls. If you have such traffic you have to have enough money. You could even buy support from Sullrich i'm sure he would help you set up active/active freebsd install if you paid for it. :-)

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