How to Run A1SRi-2558F Headless?

  • I've had this build going for awhile and was finally disconnecting the monitor I used it set it up with and discovered that I had to have the monitor plugged into the motherboard for it to even power on or stay on.

    How can I remove need to have monitor connected for it to be on?

    I'm unsure of what BIOS setting may do it, so looking for someone with experience to let me know what my options are.


  • Hook a network cable to the dedicated management port and use the IPMI functions that are built in.

  • Thanks, but for time being since I don't really need to access anything outside of pfSense interface, would just a cable plugged into that port prevent it from turning off I I unplugged monitor?

  • It takes the place of your monitor. Try it out, once you've used IPMI you won't want another server without it.

  • Thanks. I like it so far. What BIOS setting do I adjust to stop it from requiring the VGA cable to be plugged in? It is still requiring it.

  • This is "server grade" platform, it should run without monitor fine.
    Contact Supermicro support.

  • I contacted support and they need me to return it to fix it. This will be second time I've had to send it back. I'm unsure if I want to. I'd rather find a workaround solution. I can't go without it. It's my router. They said they'd cross-ship. Does anyone know if they'll send me new or refurbished unit?

  • Likely refurbished.

  • It is not an old platform (released in 2016?) with 7-year product life, so could be any. Again, you should ask SM support for details.
    Meanwhile you could hook any rig to replace your router, that's the beauty of pfSense configuration portability.

  • Thanks. I actually resolved it myself. After disabling VGA via jumper, it no longer was an issue. Now, although that was an issue itself, as I couldn't even console in, nor did it boot up, I did switch it back afterwards and it still worked with contact from VGA. It didn't actually have to be plugged in, just have the metal contacts touch each other. So now it works fine. When it is plugged in, but not powered on, it the power supply used to make weird noises. It doesn't do that either. Rather bizarre, including the sparkles from when the power cable wasn't far enough into the DC jack apparently. Anyways, seems okay now. Temperature of CPU was a lot cooler too, as low as 39C, but it did go back up overnight to 50C-ish, which had been what it was.

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