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  • Buongiorno a tutti! ;)
    I'm a software engineering and I really like to build by my self everything and I want to build a pfSense machine to improve my environment performance and controls.

    Since 2 weeks I'm try to reading every post that I can see about configuration for situations similar to mine.

    I have an FTTH 1Gbe connection, I around D:720Mb/s and U:200Mb/s and I have a server/nas for stuff like Plex, Gogs and similar, I have a Raspberry too with Pi-Hole, ecc…
    What I want is to built a system capable of managing my WAN connection with the possibility of Snort, Squid and OpenVPN*.

    • Because I'm live in Italy I don't need a really super-aper fast VPN, in fact, when I leave home I can't easily go over the 20Mb/s. What I want is accessing to my home network and, somethimes transferring some files but have around 100Mb/s of VPN could be good.

    In this day I have try to use my old-old gaming computer but with not too good results, I have decided to build a new configuration and this are the hardware that I think could be work for my purpose:

    CPU: Intel i3-6100T
    MOBO: MSI B150 Baazoka
    RAM: Crucial 4GB
    PSU: Corsair VS350
    NIC: HP NC360T
    TOTAL: ~340 € (

    My questions are:

    1. It could be enough the i3? Or is too much?
    2. I can keep the power consumption under the 30Wh (average)? In Italy 30Wh, 24/7 means 8 €*month.
    3. Is better to have 2 block of 2GB or leaving 1 block of 4GB with the possibility of expand (and it will be necessary the expand?)?
    4. It is a good NIC the one that I have choose? I will only have 1x PCIe in that MOBO.

    Thanks very much for your times guys! ;)

  • nothing? :/

  • I think the i3 would be more than suitable.  The HP NC360T is a good NIC, and uses the 'em' driver, which is good if you have PPPoE. As far as the RAM, I'm really not sure.  The dual-channel capability of two 2GB modules is theoretically faster, but how much that matters for pfSense I do not know.  Perhaps someone else will weigh in on that one.

    Is your connection authenticated with PPPoE?

  • @whosmatt:

    Is your connection authenticated with PPPoE?

    No, I don't need PPPoE ;)

    The AVX are useful for my purpose? If not I can buy a Intel Pentium G4400T instead of the i3…

    I have change something to build a littler machine:
    CASE: CoolerMaster Elite 110
    MOBO: Asrock H110M-ITX
    PSU: Silverstone SST-ST30S

  • pentium is fine

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