3lan + 3wan dont route?

  • ok, actually i have
    1X LAN
    1X WAN
    4X OPT

    WAN 195.XXX.XXX.XXX/32 static public ip address
    OPT1 (gw set to –- is wan2 connected to adsl router nat 1/1
    OPT2 (gw set to --- is wan3 connected to adsl router nat 1/1

    OPT3 (gw blank) have DHCP + CAPTIVE PORTAL local user auth.
    OPT4 (gw blank) connected to WIFI pfsmachine....

    everything works great including loadbalance, proxy, captive portal, dhcp, bla bla ......

    but after running proxy (transparent mode), loadbalance wont work, defalut gateway is WAN and thats it, ok i read on forum that pfs 1.2 loadbalance cant work with proxy

    and here is routing problem, i want manually to set subnets to use WANs

    OPT3 set gw to wont work wont work
    can ping from to :) wont work wont work
    can ping from to :)
    and on OPT4 made same thing, and same thing happened again.

    also when in firewall OPT3 set rules to pass * * * *  over or or or
    i get ping to google through OPT1 and OPT24 but for just couple of seconds, and than nothing…
    (how i know? checked public IP on whatsmyip.com, and it really pass through OPT1 OPT2)
    even pfs machine stop to respond on ping after some time .... :(

    then return to default and everything works perfect again (over WAN)

    it this impossible to route or im just making mistake somewhere ?

    thanks guys

  • If you can access with your current setup it's a DNS resolve problem you have.

    On any OPT Lan using a OPT Wan you have to have a rule on top that gives you access to the OPT Lan interface adresse using the default gateway.

    Static route for OPT Wan to it's DNS is also needed.

    ![Static Route.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/Static Route.png)
    ![Static Route.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Static Route.png_thumb)

  • as i said, everything works over default gateway - WAN

    if i want to set default gateway to OPT1 (WAN2) for OPT3 or OPT4 (LANs) then problems starts…

    and i do have rule that passes everything, else it just wont work in a first case...

    i have this setup for months now and PFS is great, just i want little to play wit it, and try to set these OPTs to go to separate WANs ...

  • HAHA
    one mystery solved, another come :)

    in firewall  on OPT3 and OPT4 i set rules to pass tcp/udp ports 21, 25, 53, 80, 110, 443
    and instead to set rule to pass * * * * (all) over default gw, i set rule for port 80 to go over OPT1 (WAN2) and, bzzzaaaapp internet works …
    so it seems that there is problem with dns, because if change rule for port 53 to go over OPT1 than internet is not working, so i left firewall rule for port 53 to fo over default GW, and now is ok.

    And there is BUT :D (like always in life)

    with this setup on OPT3 captive portal is not working, it passes traffic directly to internet :)

    how to solve this ?


  • only 2.0 has the fix for CP to work in such environment.
    It did not make to 1.2.1.

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