IPsec Gateway-To-Gateway pfSense-to-Cisco PIX515

  • I am having issues with connecting my pfsense box to a cisco pix 515 version 6.3.

    I am getting errors that indicates that Phase 1 cannot be found and the entry will be deleted under the logs.

    It will also say that the isakmp will establish.

    Both sides are set to same settings other than the obviouse settings such as IP information.

    I have other pfsense boxes that are remote using IPsec and they work flawless, I just can't seem to get the PIX to work with it.

    Any Help…..


  • Addtional Screen shot

  • I've done a couple of pfSense-PIX tunnels and haven't had problems.
    I generally use agressive/3DES/SHA and set the PFS group at 2.
    You might also want to post the crypto section of your PIX config.

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