Cannot access pfsense using webgui and SSH

  • Good day,

    I'm at bit trouble solving this can you please help me out, I cannot access our Pfsense's through WebGUI or SSH. the PFsense is running perfectly but when I'm accessing through web or SSH it keeps on loading/connecting. I've restarted the PHP-FPM and it also restarts normally in CLI. We also don't know how and when this happens since I didn't do anything before this activity occurs.

    Can someone help me out? thank you in advance.

  • Hi I've got the same problem.
    Yesteday I instaled PFSense on OpenStack and, since the DHCP config has failed for the WAN, I had to set the IP Address (also Netmask and Default Gateway, of course) manually.
    The weird thing is that I'm able to ping and reach Internet sites and external IPs, but my PFSense instance filters all incoming connections.
    I tried also some scans with nmap but it returns always the same message: "All ports are filtered".

    Could you please help?
    Maybe the problem is related to the basic firewall which has not been configured correctly due to the DHCP error at boot.

    Thank you in advance