Squid Proxy Report on LightSquid

  • Hi Everyone,

    I'm new here, so please bear with me.  ;D

    Basically, the report generated by LightSquid has 4 columns such as Time, User, Size & URL.
    My question will focus only on the User column which shows the device's IP that uses that connection.

    On my scenario, there is only one User/IP being displayed which is the IP of the Router(Cisco RV042) directly connected to my pfsense box's LAN port.
    Q: Is it possible to display the IP of other devices connected? Like the IP of a wireless device connected? Is there anything wrong/missing on my current setup that needs to be changed?

    Currently this my setup:
    ISP -> (static IP from ISP) Pfsense Box (DCHP enabled on LAN) -> Router(Cisco RV042) (DCHP enabled) -> 2routers that distributes connection wireless and wired connection.

    Thank you!