• Hi, I was hoping to get some advice on the best hardware to use.
    The primary concern is low power use, in Aus its 30c a kwh and will only be getting worse.
    Having said that I want the least amount of impact on speed as possible.
    Current have 115/2 but end of this year will have just under 200/80.
    I'd like the VPN to be able to support that for occasional use.
    Other than that I'd just like to run a couple of packages, namely snort and squid (for big updates etc).

    I don't currently have any hardware to use for it and would like to spend under around $300 AUD, but would rather pay more upfront if its going to be more efficient.
    Reading through various posts here the asrock passively cooled celerons and pentiums seemed to be up to the task but wasn't sure when adding packages etc if they could cope and still be relatively efficient.


  • Your hardware will be fine. I am using the quotom mobile i5 box and it consumes under 15 watts at idle. If you haven't bought your HW it might be worth taking a look at it.

    Regarding VPN I've found that IPSec IKEv2 is better by miles speed wise to OpenVPN. I still use openvpn in the very rare occasion a firewall is blocking IPSec but IPSec is multi threaded and able to hit upwards of 500mbits on my gigabit connection. By comparison OpenVPN was under half that.

    Also love the VPN on demand feature supported by apple on IPSec. Basically you can set it to automatically dial the VPN connection when your local network needs to be accessed by your phone, when you're on specific wifi networks etc. Totally transparent to the user.

  • Current have 115/2 but end of this year will have just under 200/80.

    Hardware plus customs, plus shipping fee plus tax on top of this not so easy to say for Australia.
    https://www.yawarra.com.au/products/servers/apu-servers/  APU2C4 will this something for you?

    Otherwise as recommended a Qotom-Q355G4 would be nice and powerful enough, also it comes with
    AES-NI (Intel Core i5 embedded CPU) and pending on the GHz, RAM, mSATA size and WiFi or not
    it starts at ~$230 till $340 would be a nice pfSense firewall, but if you end up then with ´customs,
    tax and shipping fee over the offer named above from Yawarra, I would think about that once time again.