Global server load balancer

  • Hi everybody  thanks for allowing me to discuss in this forum,

    we have two data-centers at different geographical location  hosting  WEB SERVERs ( main and stand by site).  Both sides  Pfsense is used as gateway ..
    The public ip is as follows… main datacentre web server    standby datancentre web server

    Now i want to make HA  between these two  sites.  So that, the service will not be hampered , even if one site is down..

    I tried to create DNS entry with these two ip  at ISP DNS for , but it is resolving in round robin manner and clients will not automatically fall into  other datacentre unless  i run flush dns command  in PCs.

    I have Vpn connectivity between these two data-centers..

    Please provide a solution where can i make global server load balancer between these two  IPs  and one should resolve the live datancentre web server , if other site fails..

    any help is greatly appreciated


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