Carp/VIPs/VLans with High availability editing issue

  • Dear all,

    I have to move some VLans from one interface to another but this remind me that everytime i add, remove or change vlan is a mess when pfsense is working in HA.

    Even if enter temporarily/persistent carp maintenance mode, before edit and then apply changes, i start getting sync error and backup box become master of some (same/other) vips on the same interface i just edited.

    I recently tried to modifiy config.xml (vlans/eth are referenced in two points there) and then import it with no success.

    I know Vips and Vlans have to perfectly match in position number and names but that is not the case cause i just have to switch from es. igbx_vlanzzz to igby_vlanzzz

    The only working procedure i know is by terminal rebuilding all vlans in a row, is there any step by step procedure to follow to avoid this kind of behaviour?

    Thanks in advance