PfSense with off-site DC DNS configuration

  • Hi there,

    I'm still trying to figure out this issue:

    And I came a bit closer to a solution.

    Now before posting my whole configuration, I would simply like to ask how you would set this up.


    pfSense( in local network being DNS Resolver / DHCP Server

    Domain Controller( in remote network also DNS Server / DHCP disabled (via IPSec tunnel)

    We do not have DC on-site, so I would like pfSense keeps handling the DNS for non-domain queries.

    I set up a Domain Override only for in the DNS Resolver.

    I guess I also would need to add a Reverse Lookup Zone on the DC and create another Domain Override for it's address?

    I'm not stuck but moving very slow towards a solution, any ideas are very welcome.

    I haven't set up a setup without any local DC yet so this is a new one for me.

    Thanks! :P

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