Anyone configure NAT with Voobly before?

  • When running the Network Diagnostic Tool it gives me this…

    Starting networking diagnostics…

    Your local network port (UDP) is 16000. All game traffic is routed through this port. This can be changed in "Settings" -> "NAT Traversal".

    Attempting to connect to 3 test servers. This will take around a minute to complete...

    Received data from 'server 3' through port 28149 (this is your WAN or router port)
    Received data from 'server 1' through port 35322 (this is your WAN or router port)
    Received data from 'server 2' through port 21868 (this is your WAN or router port)
    14 seconds left.
    9 seconds left.
    4 seconds left.

    Test Result: Symmetric NAT
    Network Health: Poor
    Recommended Action: Port forwarding recommended or switch routers. The only port you need to forward is UDP port 16000 on Voobly you do NOT need the direct play ports 2300-2400 and 47624.
    Details: Your router assigned different public ports to all the test servers this will make it hard for users to directly connect to you. You will likely see a large number of fast proxies.

    For help understanding this report or for more information go to

    I setup a DHCP reservation to make sure my pc always get the same IP.  Forwarded 16000UDP as the "Details" recommended I do.  Made sure to disable Windows Firewall as well just to make sure.  I'm not really sure what its asking for here and how it translates to something in pfsense.  I looked at the link in the details as well, but alas, not really any info on what more I should do other than forward port 16000.

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