Big trouble with CARP IPs still

  • I just encountered another seemingly CARP-related lockup again.

    After upgrading to "Wed Nov 5 08:56:01 EST 2008" snap, on bootup, it did the "waiting for final carp bringup… done", then "done" on a newline, then "waiting for final carp bringup... done", then nothing for the next 25 minutes.

    I rebooted it, and it seemed to come up normally. This was last night. Then this morning it just locked up (not on bootup, just normal operation). I rebooted and it did FSCK and auto-fixed some minor errors resulting from the non-graceful shutdown, and now it's hung on the first "waiting for final carp bringup.....". Can't hit numlock or scroll lock or anything. It's hard locked.

    I will try rebooting again, but I can almost guarantee this install will never boot again. Last time I had to reinstall from scratch.

    This is the same scenario that I posted about in another thread recently. That time was on completely different hardware.

    I have about 25 CARP IPs. This time all the subnets were correct to the real interface and no VHIDs were duplicated. So no configuration errors as far as I know. I'd be happy to send my config to an admin/developer type if that'd help.

    I have the debug kernel installed and remote logging, but it's locking hard and not giving me anything relevant to the syslog server.

  • My two issues today might be related. Here's the other thread:,12470.0.html

  • Also another bone-headed thing:

    I have two pfSense machines, one for manual failover. The plan is to dump the config onto it and swap the cables in case something happens to the primary.

    But in the mean time I was messing with the secondary box, and had it plugged-in to the same WAN as the primary, and they both had the same CARP IPs on that interface. So I bet there was some bad interaction there.

    So if I want to have the secondary box on that WAN connection I probably need to make sure there is no CARP.

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