(NEW USER) Please help me get local traffic to pass between interfaces

  • Ok, I am at my wits end here. pfSense refuses to allow traffic to cross between ports on my networks. First off, let me give you my network map.

    See, I have a 4 port Intel NIC installed on my pfSense box. I just installed it a few days ago and got the internet works great. Thing is, I can't figure out a way to get Kevin's LAN or Michael's LAN to be able to talk to one another at all and no one can access the camera/file server either. I know pfSense should be able to do it and I know you would normally want another switch here but I need to be able to make firewall rules to allow and deny certain devices. I have been on two other forums so far and everyone tells me it should be working with the rules and such that I have available.

    If the only thing anyone can help me with is allowing all devices on all 4 ports to be able to talk to each other then I will be happy and can make rules to block what I need. This is my last final push to get this working if I can't then I will have to reformat and try to use something else that can do what I need.

  • You will need to show us what interfaces and rules you have set up so far.
    And let us know an example of what does not work (e.g. cannot ping from clientX on LANx to clientY to LANy). Some things will not work (easily, immediately) between LANs (like file share browsing) when they are not "routable" things.

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