Possible to traffic shape 2 WAN logical Ints that is actually 1 Physical int?

  • So i have 2 logical WAN interfaces (actually 3 if i count my VPN) which is actually 1 Physical WAN interface.

    Is it possible to group them together so that the bandwidth accross all three is taken as a total of the physical WAN interface?

    I have IPTV which is presented via the WAN on a separate logical interface so that i have WAN - IPTV on the same nic, the IPTV traffic is also separated into its own vlan and can only communicate with the IPTV box - i did this to prevent multicast flooding the LAN but have since upgraded to a switch that supports IGMP snooping so i could move this back to the LAN.

    I want to be able to traffic shape so that the IPTV IGMP traffic is prioritised over everything else, otherwise, if my PS4 starts downloading a large update it can cut out the stream.

    I have about 7.5Mb of Download / 2Mb upload - and an HD stream can take upto 4MB depending on the channel.

    I have limited the PS4 to around 18Mb download - which does work - however this also means that my PS4 is ALWAYS limited and if any other device uses the network for large downloads im back to square one. I'd instead like to prioritise the IGMP traffic then allow everything else to have everything else. That would allow all bandwidth to be available when were not watching a streamed channel or the TV is off.

    So can the Traffic shaper take into account that 2 separate logical interfaces are actually one physical interface with a total of XMb available across both?

    Or is there a smarter way of doing this im missing?

  • Anyone?

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