Help on how to bridge my ONT device to my pfSense Box

  • Greetings!,

    I need help from you all on how to configure our ONT device to be bridged to my pfSense Box.

    I just had this FTTH/Gpon connection around February/March this year and so far it is working great. The plan is 50Mbps, according to speedtest, it is around 50Mbps Download and around 100Mbps Upload…, so far, very nice.

    Now comes a time that I need to have the ONT just to become 'bridged' and have my pfSense Box control the whole internet stuff but for some reasons, I am not able to make it work. As far as I have read articles concerning on how to make it work, I tend to search the internet for "FTTH/Gpon/Bridge/pfSense". One of them landed me on:

    The weird part setting up our ONT device is that it does indeed have vlan on the wan part which is (vlan id: 1030, priority: 0) but it does not have any sorts of authentication? ie PPPoE or of the sorts and only having DHCP for it. Tried to telnet the ONT for possible settings, querried for PPPoE but it is saying that it is disabled, and it is indeed just DHCP, Tried to querry for username/password combo but none.

    Now tried to have the ONT configured as bridge and saved changes. On my pfSense Box, created vlan 1030, priority 0 and attached it on my WAN, no other configurations made as WAN was DHCP already. Tried to renew IP but got for WAN IP. Tried rebooting pfSense but the same zero IP.

    I am trying to reach my ISP for this as to ask additional info need to make it work but they seem to be un-informative with this setup and none of them called me for it. Front Line Tech support for our ISP almost does not have idea what I am talking about.

    So here are some of my question(s):
    1. Do i need to set Gateways and/or Static Routes as mentioned on the link above?
    2. When I set the ONT for bridge, do I need to turn off its DHCP server and Wifi

    Some info:

    • 2.3.4-RELEASE (amd64)
    • ONT model is: AN5506-04-F
    • ONT has 4Gigabit ports but only 1 is working which is only on LAN1, Other ports are used for IPTV and such.
    • My pfSense Box WAN port is directly connected to LAN1 on the ONT

    Before I had this new connection, I had the old DSL of which it was very straightforward to configure but now with this new ONT, I am at lost. Any help is appreciated. Feel free to ask any info that might be missing.

  • 2. When I set the ONT for bridge, do I need to turn off its DHCP server and Wifi

    Yes.    Does this help?

  • @chpalmer:

    2. When I set the ONT for bridge, do I need to turn off its DHCP server and Wifi

    Yes.    Does this help?

    what I did try is just changing the sole config for the ONT from route mode to bridge mode...
    I will try this later and post back results...


  • @chpalmer:

    2. When I set the ONT for bridge, do I need to turn off its DHCP server and Wifi

    Yes.    Does this help?

    Tried this one last night and no avail…
    disabled wifi/dhcp.
    no option to disable nat if you switch it from route mode to bridge mode.

    I do hope someone from my ISP will call me, its been 3 days already and no phonecalls from them.

    I am not sure what is missing, I hope I can read the logs but I don't know where to start.

  • here is what I tried so far:

    • disabled nat, disabled dhcp server, disabled wifi and then changed it from route mode to bridge mode.
    • if ONT is directly connected to an old laptop or with my pfSense box:
      –- (without setting vlan) it can get the ip without issues BUT internet speed is reduced to around 2mbps up/down speed.
      --- setting vlan to 1030 and it will not get any dhcp IP
      --- creating/providing a MAC clone on the WAN side does not get an IP (MAC's I have found on doing telnet on the ONT)

    But when I tried to reboot the ONT, doing the above things "WONT" work anymore.
    When I tried to see DHCP logs, it seems it is not able to get IP addresses.

    Calling my ISP for information regarding bridging and how it works gets me to nowhere :(
    Any other hints/help?

    Thanks and best regards,

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