Trouble Configuring Avahi

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    Hello Everyone,

    I need to do a simple home network.

    The setup is as follows :

    pfsense router –--> unmanaged switch ------> all wifi devices + 2 managed switch (Netgear GS108E)

    Pfsense 2.2.3 with vlan 101 on Lan port.

    The last 3 ports of the managed switch are configured to tag vlanid 101. All my devices ( amplifier, streamer ... ) are connected to these ports.

    The firewall rules allow any communication between the LAN port and VLAN101.

    Avahi is installed for mDNS. But my Airport Utility installed on a pc connected to lan port is unable to communicate to Airport Extreme Base Station on VLAN101 Port. I have tried all kind of setting but I am not able to detect the device. If the laptop and airport are on same port (untagged LAN or Tagged VLAN101) they are able to communicate.

    Can anyone help where am I going wrong.

    Thank You

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    Is my question too obvious or is there some more info that I need to provide.

    The problem is the apps in mobile are able to detect the device if both of them are in same network. The moment I move the device to VLAN101 Port but my mobile is still connected to LAn port, they stop communicating. To solve the issue I installed avahi. I am testing this setup with an airport extreme base station.

    Should I test this setup with device other than an apple product.

    Please help

    Thank You,

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    Can anyone please help me out in this. I am really struck in this.

    I am not sure whether I have to do setting in managed switch (which is doing vlan tagging) or in pfsense router.

    I googled a lot but nothing is working… I also tried accessing my netgear switch connected to vlan10 from laptop connected on lan port using the app.... it doesn't detect it. But I am able to access the netgear using the Ip address.

    Please help me out. I have always got help from great souls of this forum..... cmb, jimp,marcelloc,doktornortor.... I may have missed few more...

    Thank You

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    It's not an issue with Avahi.

    I can see my Apple Timecapsule without Avahi.

    Shouldn't your edge ports be untagges vlan 101 ?

    Can you ping Airport Extreme from vlan 10 ?

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    Thank you for the reply.

    I am able to detect airport extreme if my laptop and airport extreme are on same subnet (ie if both are on same vlan they talk or if both are on same lan they talk) but if one is on vlan 101 and other on lan they don't talk.

    My lan is on series
    and vlan is on series

    Can you please guide me how should I make zeroconf/mDNS between the two subnets.

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    Shouldn't your edge ports be untagges vlan 101 ?

    In the Netgear switch, the 6th port, which is connected to airport extreme,  is UT101 and the 1st port,which connected to Firewall,  is 101T.

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