Will old hard drive work in replacement router without re-install?

  • At some point down the road I will replace my j1900 based router with one that will support AES-NI. No problems there. I have a spare ready to go. I'm in no hurry since the j1900 router still works great.

    My question: They are different architectures in many ways. If I swap the hard drive from the j1900 router and put it into the replacement router, will it reconfigure automatically - except for possible interface resetting? Or will I need to do a re-install?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    I would reinstall, restore the configuration, and reassign interfaces.

  • OK. Will do.

  • If you really want to get fancy you can edit your interface assignments in the config XML before you restore.  For example if going from 'em' to 'igb' driver, just find / replace 'em0' with 'igb0' and 'em1' with 'igb1'

    That should work even if you have VLAN interfaces and/or LAGG.

    You can even test this beforehand by restoring your config to a virtual machine.