Connect my whole home network to my work vpn

  • Hi,

    I'm desperately looking for a solution and I keep seeing old posts with none in them.

    I have an ISP that throttles my international bandwidth hard (because i'm on residential internet 20/2 I get 0.4 sometimes)
    My work ISP does not do that. I routinely connect my PC to my workplace (100/20) and enjoy unthrottled internet (yay for loopholes)

    I purchased a Qotom device (celeron no aesni / 4 lan model) recently for the purpose of doing that for the whole house.

    So I'd like to either

    home lan ( –> pfsensebox ----> ISP router ( =====vpn (> workplace vpn server ---> uncapped internet

    I know pptp is hated here (which is what I was using so far) but I could setup L2TP/IPSEC (it's a windows server 2k8r2 over there)

    I feel like every admin here prefers openvpn so maybe I could do that on the server end.

    I'd like speeds to be decently close to 20/2 and latency kept to a minimum (I game quite often)

    Ideally I'd love it if I could configure one of the extra OPT ports to connect over vpn and be used as main gateway when they're up. Example, off peak time I can have the house be on our ISP (no vpn) and during peak time I can just plugin the cable in the opt1 port and everything goes over the vpn connection (meaning I dont have to be around for the wife to be able to enjoy a bit of netflix during peak hours)


    (posted also here in case I posted in the wrong place before)

  • No one? :(

    I (maybe wrongly) figured I'd try

    1. Interfaces> (Assign)
    2. PPPs > New (pptp)
    3. Link (tried both wan and lan), input one of the IP's I usually get from my server as local with /24 network mask. Gateway typed in the public IP of the pptp server
    4. Interface assignments > Assigned the pptp to OPT1
    5. Interfaces > OPT1. Enabled it
    6. Status > Interfaces. Hit connect.. nothing happens

    Am I on the right track here?