Forward Port 80 NAT

  • Hi everyone

    I'm running into an issue with my pfsense box (Netgate 8860 V. 2.3.4).

    I've setup a nat port forward rule to foward Port 80 vom WAN to LAN. Attached you can see my config.

    But it doesn't come through. I've tried accessing the webserver through a different VLAN with Split DNS and that works. I've set the domain in the field, that no rebind attacks appear. Internally everything works, but not from the outside.

    I have a second rule setup with Port 444 forwarded and that works fine. It's only port 80 and 443 that don't work.

    Can it be, because the webinterface is accessible through those ports?

    Thanks for your help!

    Edit: WebAccess alias is port 80 and 443

    Edit 2: I've tried it with port 81 and it works there too

  • So just change the WebGUI port.

  • Built-in safety rules for WebGUI access are interfering with your desired configuration.
    The easiest solution for you would be to change WebGUI port to something non-standard.

  • If you want to forward port 80 your destination port range from and to should be set to http. For 443 from and to should be https. Make 2 rules and keep it simple.

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