Cable then VDSL2

  • Hello,

    ok following situation:
    WAN via cable
    From August 04 WAN via VDSL2, and WAN via cable is going away.
    Now usually I'd just replace Cable with VDSL and be on my way.
    But I won't be at home, and that's the tricky part.
    I'll be in another country where I will have an internet connection.
    But I'll have to access my home network and for that reason I have set up the openvpn server in pfsense and a dyndns entry.

    Hardware PC Engines APU2C4.

    So I was thinking to use bonding or bridging to combine igb0+igb1.
    I'd connect Cable to igb0 and VDSL2 to igb1 and LAN would be igb2.

    How do I do that and are there better ways?

    So again,
    Now: Cable -> igb0
    From 04.08.2017: DSL -> igb1, Cable dead.
    both igb0+1 should be 1 device or an alternative way to solve this.

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