Can i use isp modem behind pfsense

  • Hello.
    I am new to pfsense, but already love all its features.

    My ISP is providing Internet, TV and phone on different vlans on a ZyXEL P2812 modem. I want to remove the modem and have my pfsense in front, but when I do this my phone stops working.

    Is it possible to connect the WAN port on the ZyXEL modem to an available NIC and have the ZyXEL handeling the phone?

    I have created 3 VLANS on the wan interface and all VLANS recieve differnet IP from DHCP
    VLAN 100 = Phone
    VLAN 101 = TV
    VLAN 102 = Internet

    I have tried to make a bridge between VLAN 100 and the unused NIC, but cant make it work. Can this be done on pfsense or do I need a switch or is it not possible at all?

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