Importing config from m0n0wall

  • Hi, I've just migrated from m0n0wall-embedded to pfSense-embedded. There's a possible bug I'd like to report:
    When importing the m0n0wall config, it seems it didn't recognize the rules where the interface is "ipsec". It did import most of the config fine, but then php threw out an error and none of the rules worked (ie there's no connection at all betwen interfaces, only webconfig and ssh) this ipsec rules was not listed in the "rules" list on the webconfig and the only way to fix it was to manually edit the /cf/conf/config.xml file and delete this rules.
    Sorry but this didn't get logged to my syslog server so I can't send the exact error :(

    EDIT: Using pfSense-1.2.1-20081106-2246 with an ALIX2c3 and a Kingston 1GB CF. m0n0wall was 1.3b15.

  • You fail to show us an example config.xml or error message.  This report is useless unfortunately.

  • Yes, unfortunately I didn't keep the exact error, but I can show you what I did change in the config.xml file to fix it:


    Just replaced ipsec with lan, and the entry finally showed up in the rules list and I was able to delete it.

  • m0n0wall didn't have IPsec filtering when the config import was created. The problem is m0n0 uses <interface>ipsec</interface> while we use enc0 instead. Same thing, different name. This is a bug, I opened a ticket.

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