New pfsenser - how to blacklist domains.

  • I thought this would be the reason d'etre for pfsense and can't understand why I'm struggling, so need some help:

    I've got Squidproxy server and pfBlockerNG running in 2.3.4 (and 2.4 beta)

    In pfblockerNG I can setup a table of DNSBL feeds to go off and find a text file of domains under various categories. But I have additional lists in my Windows hosts file I've built up over a few years and trust. I can easily parse the list to remove the loopback ips in the text file, but then what?

    From time to time I want to manually add my own domains to block or generate my own custom list and don't want to keep doing an IP lookup. I guess I could find the DNSBL files in freeBSD if still in text form and append to the entries, but wonder if these would be lost after a cron update?

    In Windows I can easily navigate to the etc/hosts file and append domains. In pfsense, can I build my own black list text file then import it as a file using the web gui?


  • Help please anybody? I just want to import my own domain black list created in a text file into pfsense and manually append to it from time to time? Or the same file in any other format like csv?

  • Moderator

    In the DNSBL tab add the domains to the custom list at the bottom of the page of any DNSBL group.

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