PfSense using BT Business Hub as Modem w/ static IPs

  • Hi there,

    I am currently trying to setup a pfSense router for use in my home network. I have a single static IP provided by BT, and am using the business hub 5 as a modem.

    To set this up, I have tried to do the following:

    1. Set the Business Hub 5 to Bridge mode.
    2. Setup PPPoE using the credentials supplied by BT (email ending
    3. Added the Google DNS servers (…). Have also tried BT ones.
    4. Ethernet from router to modem goes via the modem's WAN port.

    Having done this, the router shows a connection timeout using PPPoE in the System Log. While we can access the panel and LAN appears to work correctly, WAN is currently a no go.

    Any suggestions (step by step would be helpful) as to how to setup WAN with a BT hub as the modem?

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